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Notice: a valid rabies certificate must be on file or accompanied with your furry friend before grooming. This is a state law and cannot be waived.

The Finest Grooming Services for Your Furry Companion

   Trust Ruff Cuts Grooming in Manchester, Connecticut, for the finest in pet grooming services for your dogs and cats. Our dedicated, compassionate team will take the time to ensure your pet is comfortable and that the end result looks great. Your appointment begins with a consultation each time to decide exactly what your dog needs. Our options include bathing, haircuts, nail trimming, and much more. Once we've finished grooming your pet, we will contact you to pick up your furry friend. For short services, our sitting area provides a comfortable place to wait.

Pet Grooming

General Grooming

Our basic grooming service includes a bath, haircut, nails, ears clipped and cleaned, and a finishing spray and bandana. This grooming service covers all the basics and leaves your dog or cat looking great and feeling more playful and energetic. You'll enjoy the smell of a clean pet, and your pet's mood will be greatly improved after they have been pampered by our skilled team.

Protecting Your Pets

Regular grooming can protect your pet from matting, health problems, and keep them looking and smelling their best. Cats will claw less when their claws are maintained, and animals in general feel better and are more energetic when they are groomed regularly. Our team has several years of professional experience. We take time with pets, even those with behavioral or medical problems that can make our jobs more difficult, and treat them kindly and respectfully throughout the session.


Rates are based on the breed and size of the pet, as well as the services you choose. To learn what your service will cost, feel free to contact us or come by for a consultation.